How To Create Your ePortfolio

Challenge: To login to Google Sites and create your ePortfolio

Step 1 - Creating, Naming, And Sharing Your Site
Login to your Google Account and go to Google Sites
  1. How to "Create" a site in Google Apps for Julian High School students
    • Click on the Create button
    • Click on Browse Gallery for More
    • Click on Student ePortfolio link
    • Click on Preview

2. Change name of my Google Site from Student ePortfolio to my real name.
    • Click on the More button (upper right hand corner)
    • Click on the Manage Site link
    • In the first window that pops up, highlight the word Student and click delete
    • Type in your First Name, Last Name before ePortfolio & click Save

3. Click on the Share and Permissions link.
    • Click the button next Julian Union High School
    • Change to "Can View"


Share website address (url) with your teacher by clicking on the Share button and choosing

Now What?

Step 2- Playing With the Theme, Color, and Fonts of Your Site

  1. Changing the Font and Color on your site.
    • Click on More
    • Manage Site
    • Scroll down on the left navigation bar to the bottom
    • Click on
Step 3- Creating Your Pages

1. FIll in your Home page:* Change the Title of your Page to "About Me"
  • Respond to the following questions:
    • Who are you? What are your passions? What are your goals? What are your interests?
    • Insert images if you want