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Tutorial for Light Burst

  • How to crop photos using Photoshop

  • Layer Masks - Choose a photo with an object that you would like to remove...such as an elephant from a zoo. Use this layer mask tutorial to complete this task. Once the object has been removed, place it in a second photo & create a final photograph (3rd) that combines the elements from both of these photographs.
  • Removing a background using a channel mask - Copy this firework display photograph to your folder. Use the channel mask tutorial to remove the fireworks from the photograph, then place the fireworks in a completely separate photograph.
  • How to glamorize a photo.

  • Learn cool Photoshop Effects . Use a different photo for each of the 4 effects. Copy and Paste each photo onto a single document and describe how you think each technique could be useful in the future. Share the final product with me using Google Docs or Zoho. All 4 origial photos and the 4 altered photos should all be on one document with descriptions underneath each separate item.
  • Learn how to Texturephotos. Assignment, same as bullet 3.
  • Learn how to re-touch an image. Please re-touch at least 2 images. Paste the originals next to the re-touched

  • With Peaches, complete a review of Yearbook Ave. Make sure you are able to log in and manuever.
  • Learn the types of things you will be able to do with Photoshop with this beginners tutorial.
  • Learn how to create layers. Complete this tutorial and then create your own picture. Make sure you save it to your name. I'll be curious to hear how you think this skill might be useful with creating a yearbook that has interesting photographs.