Graphic Arts II ~ Projects: Reminder, most recent projects listed first!
  • Create a series of 5 pieces of unique art... This is similar to the ATC Cards, in that the series needs to have something in common. Sketch the 5 pieces for pre-approval before starting.
  • Design a CD Cover: Choose a band, either fictitious or real. Create a CD Cover (both back and front). The back should list songs that would be found on the CD.

  • Create a unique drawing in Photoshop, color it using this Photoshop Tutorial (bottom half under CS3).

  • Create a Flash video to animate drawings. Use this tutorial to create at least 1 animated object (person, creature, thing, etc) that moves. This video should be approx 30 seconds in length, have a clear purpose (such as tutorial, commercial or game) and be easily understood. Project will be based on use of both Photoshop and Flash as well as effort and creativity.

  • Complete the Beginner Tutorials for After Effects.

  • Create a Super Easy Typographic Portrait in Photoshop! I'm looking for creativity, artistic expression and appropriate use of fonts.

  • Create 12 pages for "My Name is..." based on the hand out provided in class. All work should end up on your wiki.

Go above and beyond and create a hidden illussion within your artwork.
Weeks 1-3
  • Photomanipulation... Using these photos as examples, take 3 photographs...

This semester you will required to complete a MINIMUM of 5 designs worthy of entering into the San Diego County Fair this summer. Use your creativity and skills to produce 5 outstanding works that reflect you and your interests in Graphic Design. At the end of the semester you can choose which pieces to submit for the competition.

Creative Cloud Tutorials:

End of First Semester:

Project 8:
  • Learn basic coding through Kahn Academy I, will create a online class for your to join, so I can keep track of your progress. You will apply basic coding knowledge to your Semester Portfolio!

Project 7:
  • Create ABC Typography around a specific theme or design idea (Julian, food, sports, etc). Use creativity and initiative to design this poster. I'm looking forward to being astounded by your work!

Project 6.5:
  • Visually interpret a life-an-death situation to be executed in two parts on the rear panels of a semi truck (or barn doors, opening windows, etc). The left side must accurately represent any industrialist object, animal, mineral or vegetable; part two must show its destruction or transformation. Create 6 examples to share on your wiki. For examples, look at the Graphic Design book in the classroom.
Project 5.5:
  • Complete this tutorial on how to change the lighting within a photo. Complete the tutorial using a photo and then complete 3 on your own. Make sure you upload the tutorial photo plus your 3 additional photos to your wiki. Make sure to include both the initial photo and the final versions.

Project 5:
  • Complete one of these tutorials on how to create Smoke or create Smoke. Using a photo of yourself...create a Smoke Portrait using this photo that was created in Photoshop.
  • Using this same skill, create a 2nd work of art demonstrating your use of smoke. Upload both to your wiki.

Project 4:
  • Complete this Photoshop animation tutorial Upload to your wiki. Here's another tutorial for creating an animated GIF in Photoshop.
  • Using the skills learned from the previous tutorial, create an animation specifically to enhance to home page of your wiki. Upload this animation once it's completed. :-)

Project 3:
  • Do a search on Deviant Art (or Google) for a tutorial on creating Animated GIF's using Photoshop. Create a .gif and put it on your wiki welcome page. Remember it needs to be appropriate!

    Project 2:
  • Create a Vanity License Plate.

  • Project 1:
  • Create a "Vintage Collage" with a minimum of 3 separate photos and your own creative background."What is a collage? Collage is a form of art, in which we combine a number of images in a tasteful way."