Graphic Arts II ~ Projects: Reminder, most recent projects listed first!
  • Create a series of 5 pieces of unique art... This is similar to the ATC Cards, in that the series needs to have something in common. Sketch the 5 pieces for pre-approval before starting.
  • Design a CD Cover: Choose a band, either fictitious or real. Create a CD Cover (both back and front). The back should list songs that would be found on the CD.

  • Create a unique drawing in Photoshop, color it using this Photoshop Tutorial (bottom half under CS3).

  • Create a Flash video to animate drawings. Use this tutorial to create at least 1 animated object (person, creature, thing, etc) that moves. This video should be approx 30 seconds in length, have a clear purpose (such as tutorial, commercial or game) and be easily understood. Project will be based on use of both Photoshop and Flash as well as effort and creativity.

~Complete Kahn Academy's computer anaimation course, Pixar in a Box. Once completed, meet with me one on one to design your assignment around your interests.
  • Create a Super Easy Typographic Portrait in Photoshop! I'm looking for creativity, artistic expression and appropriate use of fonts.

  • Create 12 pages for "My Name is..." based on the hand out provided in class. All work should end up on your wiki.

Go above and beyond and create a hidden illussion within your artwork.
Weeks 1-3
  • Photomanipulation... Using these photos as examples, take 3 photographs...

This semester you will required to complete a MINIMUM of 5 designs worthy of entering into the San Diego County Fair this summer. Use your creativity and skills to produce 5 outstanding works that reflect you and your interests in Graphic Design. At the end of the semester you can choose which pieces to submit for the competition.

End of First Semester:

Project 8:
  • Learn basic coding through Kahn Academy I, will create a online class for your to join, so I can keep track of your progress. You will apply basic coding knowledge to your Semester Portfolio!

Project 7:
  • Create ABC Typography around a specific theme or design idea (Julian, food, sports, etc). Use creativity and initiative to design this poster. I'm looking forward to being astounded by your work!

Project 6.5:
  • Visually interpret a life-an-death situation to be executed in two parts on the rear panels of a semi truck (or barn doors, opening windows, etc). The left side must accurately represent any industrialist object, animal, mineral or vegetable; part two must show its destruction or transformation. Create 6 examples to share on your wiki. For examples, look at the Graphic Design book in the classroom.
Project 5.5:
  • Complete this tutorial on how to change the lighting within a photo. Complete the tutorial using a photo and then complete 3 on your own. Make sure you upload the tutorial photo plus your 3 additional photos to your wiki. Make sure to include both the initial photo and the final versions.

Project 5:
  • Complete one of these tutorials on how to create Smoke or create Smoke. Using a photo of yourself...create a Smoke Portrait using this photo that was created in Photoshop.
  • Using this same skill, create a 2nd work of art demonstrating your use of smoke. Upload both to your wiki.

Project 4:
  • Complete this Photoshop animation tutorial Upload to your wiki. Here's another tutorial for creating an animated GIF in Photoshop.
  • Using the skills learned from the previous tutorial, create an animation specifically to enhance to home page of your wiki. Upload this animation once it's completed. :-)

Project 3:
  • Do a search on Deviant Art (or Google) for a tutorial on creating Animated GIF's using Photoshop. Create a .gif and put it on your wiki welcome page. Remember it needs to be appropriate!

    Project 2:
  • Create a Vanity License Plate.

  • Project 1:
  • Create a "Vintage Collage" with a minimum of 3 separate photos and your own creative background."What is a collage? Collage is a form of art, in which we combine a number of images in a tasteful way."