Graphic Arts I ~ Projects: Reminder, most recent projects are listed first! Final projects should be posted on your individual wiki's!


Project 6: Design CD Cover (front and back)

You will design a CD Cover. You have a choice of doing this in either Photoshop or Illustrator, and you are strongly encouraged to combine both applications, thus utilizing all skills. It will be a CD for either a music festival or combination of artists. You can chose from any music styles you’d like to use or a combination of styles.

Think of colors, textures, and metaphors that can represent your chosen music style. Pay attention to lyrics and what thoughts, emotions, and visual imagery they evoke. Your CD cover must allow your audience to recognize the style or idea you are trying to convey.

Project 5: Typography Video

  • Watch Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First" dialogue. Next watch the Typography version of this same dialogue. Finally, using a combination of Photoshop and Flash, create your own Typography dialogue. For ideas about a dialogue that you might use for this see Colin's Movie Monologue Page. This is certainly not the only site that you can use, but it is a start.
  • Check out this PowerPoint about how Fonts have their own personality, especially Comic Sans...

Project 4 1/2: Illustrator Designs
  • Go to Mr Eagan's Website, from Churchill High School. Starting with the Illustrator tutorials in Unit 1, work through each tutorial and project as described on his website. Get the hang of how to use Illustrator!
  • Another resource for learning to use Illustrator is the Adobe website.

Project 4: ATC Cards
  • Please make a total of 9 ATC cards. The dimensions of your canvas should be 2 1/2 x 3 1/2.There should be 1 signature, 2 one of a kinds and 6 series cards. Please make sure to speak with me about the subject of your cards prior to starting your designs. Good luck & have fun! See resource links below for ideas and suggestions.
ATC resource site 1
ATC resource site 2
Project 3:
  • Create a full page ad for All State Propane. Use the photos provided by Mrs Bakken. All ads should be 8 1/2 x 11, have a slogan and be reproduceable in electronic as well as print format.

Project 2:
  • Create 4 Tessellations. One of each of the following: Line, Gap, Circle and Flash. When finished please put these on your Wiki. Use Photoshop to create each of the Tessellations.

Project 1: sure to put all work on your Wiki. Organize it for 2nd Semester...
  • Using this Flash tutorial, create a number of basic Flash Videos. Have fun and remember, the key is using multiple layers! Here's another 2D Flash tutorial site.
  • Once you have the hang of Flash, create 2 Optical Illusions. You won't believe your eyes.

Photoshop CC Tutorial Options: General Tutorials and info for Photoshop CC

End of First Semester....

Number 12:
  • For your Final Exam this semester... Create a website, using Dreamweaver, that shows of your effort so far this year. Please see rubric for specifics. Website will be presented in class.
Number 11:
  • Create a Vanity (Personalized) License Plate. Feel free to use this tutorial, or any other that catches your eye. I'm looking for creativity, a realistic look.... including appropriate number of letters/numbers/symbols.... and Wow Effect.

Number 10:
  • Look back on your projects this semester, especially your first projects. Re-do one of them, demonstrating your improved skills with Photoshop. Use eHow or Pinterest for ideas and put a new twist on an old project idea. Show us something COOL!

Number 9:
  • Create an Image in Photoshop that could be used as a button in Dreamweaver. Create a 2nd image in Photoshop that shows a change from the first image. This will be used as a rollover button example for Dreamweaver. I'll will come around and grade this assignment on your computer. This will come in handy when you go to create your Final Semester Portfolio.

Number 8:

Number 7:
  • Watch this instructional video about how to create a Logo for your Business.
  • Designing a (1) company logo (Here is a tutorial about how to use Photoshop to create a logo. Once your logo is in place, create a business card and business letter head for your company.
    Finally, put together an advertising ad to go with it. This should be a billboard type (static) advertisement.
Number 6:
Number 5:
  • Using Photoshop create a Magazine Cover of your favorite "star". Your cover should have each of the elements given in this example. Be creative. Do a Google search for Magazine Covers to get some ideas. Use Zinio for some more ideas.

Number 4:
  • Complete Photoshop Mask Basics. Make sure Photoshop is open and make your own picture, following the instructions provided. You Tube video about using Layer Masks.
  • Layer Masks -Learn about what a Layer Mask is! Use this layer mask tutorial to complete the following task. Remove an object from a photo and place it in a second photo. Create a final photograph (3rd) that combines the elements from both of these photographs.
  • Removing a background using a channel mask - Copy this firework display photograph to your folder. Use the channel mask tutorial to remove the fireworks from the photograph, then place the fireworks in a completely separate photograph.
  • Using the masking technique that you learned, create your own piece of work.

Number 3:
  • Create Logo for your wiki. Use Photoshop to create a "representation" of you. Make sure your canvas size is no larger than 2" by 2". Also, create/develop your "welcome" page, which is to say, your home page.
  • Learn about using "brushes" Create a "work of art" that demonstrates your understanding of using brushes.
Number 2:
  • Learn cool Photoshop Effects . Use a different photo for each of the 4 effects.
  • Learn how to Texturephotos. Complete all 4 tutorials.
  • Learn how to use Photoshop to re-touch an image. Please re-touch at least 2 images. Paste the originals next to the re-touched versions on a document and describe what you did to each one. Share the final product with me using Google Docs.
  • Read through this tutorial on Tips & Tricks for beginners. Complete tasks as they are discussed.

Number 1: