Phishing Survey
Online Gaming


Create a WeVideo about "Transitioning from 8th to 9th grade." Here are some WeVideo tutorials to help you with the program.

Working in groups of 3, create a 2-3 minute video about your chosen Internet Safety Topic. Check your Google Classroom for the pre-production video planning guide. Make sure all group members names are on the document and submit electronically to Mrs Bakken for approval BEFORE starting to shoot your video.

How does the Internet Work?
Basic Internet Search
Google Search Presentations

May 7th
Here is a grouping of tutorials for using Google Apps... Use this as you complete your English review using Google Draw and Google Presentation.

The Survey/Graph part of the Budget project:

Gather information and share it with your partner. Figure out how your Wiki will be organized. Divide up pages so you each have areas of the project you are working on.

Remember, you will be teaching your classmates about your topic area. You and your partner are the "teacher" and your classmates will be taking notes. Today, create a survey with at least 3 questions. This survey will be taken by your classmates. Make sure your questions are approved by Mrs Smith BEFORE printing. Please conserve paper and put multiple surveys per page.

Finish up your Wiki. Yes, you may put a video on your wiki as long as it's appropriate and less than 5 minutes long. Make sure your graphs are included in your information, they are labeled and make sense. They should help you teach your subject.

Start presentations. If the class has been working deligently to complete this project and additional time is still needed then I will provide an extension.

Internet Safety Project:

For those of you who did not see the Netsmartz presentation in class. You can download the powerpoint to your computer at home and watch it from there. Make sure you take notes and turn them in to me.

In groups of 3, create a Google Site about your assigned Internet Safety Topic. Your group will teach the rest of the class about your particular topic. This website will be shared with the class.

Top 10 things to think about before you post
Digital Bytes: An internet web safety resource for Digital Citizenship
Internet Safety 101 - has statistics and information
Top 5 Dangers for kids - C/Net
Google Sites Tutorial

Budget Project Links:

Go to this Mission Fed to access the Auto Loan Calculators. Mr. Lay will help you understand how to use these. List to his instructions!

Click HERE to start looking for an apartment to rent.

education loan debt

College Board Information.

1. Click on this link to access College Board Please create a login with a username and password that you will remember for the next 4 years, if you have not already done so.
*Create a Road Map for yourself. How will you reach your goals you have set for yourself for graduating from high school and then after high school. Life will happen, but it's easier to reach your goals (destination) if you create a map and make your decisions based on that map. College Education Pays.

How much does college cost? Click on the link to figure it out.

*Homework assignment... Have a conversation with your parent/parents/guardians about whether or not there is a financial plan in place for taking care of all or a portion of your post high school education. Second...tell them about College Board. Bring a sheet of paper with information and parent signature to our next class & give it to the substitute.

2. Visit Google's Offical Blogspot. Create your own blog to help you remember what we covered during this semester. This will be very helpful as you review for your final exam. As an example, feel free to refer to my example blog to get some ideas. You certainly do NOT need to follow this example, it's just a resource for you.
* Based on the projects completed in this class so far, what have you done? Blog (Journal about this course) to help yourself study for the final exam. It's easier to remember what you have "done" if you write about it as you are doing it. Memories are not perfect. This is an assignment that was created because students in past classes suggested it. ;-) Remember, your audience is ME, as well as yourself. Please be appropriate!

3. Create your personal school ePortfolio using the district template created in Google Sites. Make sure you are logged into your school Google Account for access. Once you are in, click on the "Create" button. Click on the "Browse Gallery for more options" and click on the Student ePortfolio link. Preview this template and then click on the Use this template link in the blue strip at the top of the page. Please name this site with the protocol of Your first name, last name and the ePortfolio. (For example, Cheryl Bakken's ePortfolio.)
* In the space marked Home page, write a brief introduction to yourself. Remember this site will eventually be used as part of your Senior Experience presentation for graduation. Tell "us" what you think we should know about you. Please include a photo of yourself.

How to Live Before you Die - a speech given by Steve Jobs at Stanford graduation ceremony. Please watch and be prepared to discuss .How does this relate to the project we just finished and your life?

Beginning of Budget Project: __
  • Begin assessing what you like and what you are good at. Start figuring out who you are and why you are here? First, take this assessment, which will give you some information about your personality type Using Google Docs, write down your personality type and take notes on what the assessment says about about you and what you think the information says about you. Open a word processing document and explain what type of personality are you and what do you think it means for you and the type of job you should have in the future. Summarize, using Google Docs, what you have learned about yourself. The final product should be at least 3 paragraphs (Overall description, how does this apply to you and describe suggestions or comparisons you agree with or found helpful.) Share this document with me at Please title it "your name Personality Summary"
  • Next complete some additional assessments at this careers!site. Choose Flash and then "Assess Yourself". Register for the site so that you can save your work and access it again later. Please complete all 3 assessments and save.
  • Another resource I'd like for you to check out if you have time is

*** College Data information. Excellent link.

Have some fun looking at colleges and looking at the resources that are available to you.

My Life Google Presentation Project. Make sure you remember to enhance your presentation with personal photographs & to follow text rules (No more than 5 bullets no more than 5 words per bullet...general guideline).
Complete 2 column document and Tabs/Table projects. Make sure you email your final results to
Begin Flyer Project. Please follow the rubric!

  • Collect parent signature sheets...only the 2nd sheet with signatures on it.
  • Create Mavis Beacon log in's for your computer.
  • Watch video about the importance of learning to type with All of Your FINGERS! Take notes (which will be turned in at the end of the period) and be prepared to discuss on Wednesday.
  • Once log into Mavis and choose to take the test to place you in the program. Take this opportunity to practice and train your fingers to go to the appropriate keys. There will be a AWPM (Adjusted Words per Min) quiz Friday.
  • Open up Word and write a paragraph describing your current typing skills and then where you would like for them to be. Save to your name!
  • Go to your email...if you don't have one, this is where you will create one (for what we are doing you might want Gmail). Be careful about the information you type in. The program will only allow you to attempt to create an account one type in a 24 hour period.
  • Finally, send me an email with your Word document attached. Make sure you have put your name & project description in the subject area.
  • At the end of the period, please clean up your area, shut down your computer and push in your chair. :-) Thanks for helping out my guest teacher today....

Welcome everyone. This semester we plan on covering a lot of information. I hope this Wiki helps you keep in touch with everything that we are doing. :-)
  • On a piece of paper, write down 3 goals that you have for yourself for this year.
  • Log into your Google Account (If you haven't already done so).
  • Click on Drive and then click on the Create Button. Choose to create a Drawing.
  • Create a Drawing that visually represents HOW you will meet your goals for this year. Perhaps this is accomplished through pictures, charts, drawings.... be creative. Please stay away from Blue/Black combinations, make sure your drawing is "balanced", looks good, and is easy to follow. Make sure you name your Drawing so it's easy to find in your Drive.
  • Once finished with Draw, click on the create button again and choose Doc. You'll create a single page flyer telling me what your goals are for the year. Insert your Drawing document on this Google Doc as a visual representation. When you are finished with the document, the words and picture should look like a cohesive final project.
  • Save your document as "(Your name's ) Goals" and share it will me... cbakken (Ex: Cheryl Bakken's Goals)