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Crate Challenge for the week 5/2
"Family Owned Locally Operated"

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WASC Anonymous Student Survey 2018

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9th Grade Honors English Calendar (Per 1)
9th Grade English Calendar (Per 3)

60 Second Video Tutorials

car loan calculator
This is a collaborative space for students in Mrs. Bakken's classes at Julian High School to learn, discuss issues, keep up with class news, deadlines, and project outlines, find handouts, resources, and collaborate with other students on class projects. Julian High School is a 9-12 school in the mountains east of San Diego County. If you have any questions or ideas, please mail me at cbakken@juhsd.org or call me: 760-765-0606

All State Propane.... "Striving for perfection ~ One customer at a Time." Other key words: "family owned" and "Locally Operated"
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White House Video Competition

Tour the World video animation/song

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Smarter Balance Practice Test

Khan Academy Making High School Count


Education Loan Calculator


Online Typing Programs!
Fun to type.com, which includes Ninja Cat vs Zombie Dinosaurs
Another fun typing site, which includes Typing Race and Typing Olympic
Typing club
Typing Web
Keybr & Typing Test, which will give you Adjusted Words Per Minute
Power Typing

Let the FUN begin!!!